unique exotic beaches near
phoenix studios


#central beach

If someone do not have a car or do not want to drive, the best option is to go down from Phoenix Studios to the main beach of Sarti. At 300 meters you will meet an enormous sandy beach with a background of the imposing Mount Athos 2033m high. Along the beach there are many options from beach bars, taverns, cafes and tourist shops for shopping.

#Achlada beach

1.5 km from Sarti is the beach of Achlada with wonderful turquoise water, it is 5 minutes by car but there is an alley that you can go on foot .There is a beach bar where you must use your own equipment.
The water is wonderful and is ideal for children.


There is a local boat that starts from the beach of Sarti and makes daily excursions to the beaches of Sithonia and Mount Athos. Specifically, he makes the following three excursions:
boat trip sarti


Kavourotripes are a complex of beaches with wonderful green waters, white sand and pines that reach the shore. They are located just 6 km from Sarti on the road to Vourvourou.
mermaid at portokali beach

# Portokali BEACH

Portokali is one of the first beaches we meet. The water is shallow and looks like a swimming pool. There are rocks around the beach. A mermaid has been carved on one of them. There is an organized infrastructure (beach bar) that can meet your needs but you can also use your own equipment.

#megalo portokali

Less than a km away we find the beach Megalo Portokali. You should park near the main road and then walk to the beach. The descent of the last 20 meters is steep and requires attention.

paradise beach sarti


Unique small organized beach !! The view from above takes your breath away.


#beach of Sykia

At a distance of ten kilometers from Sarti is the endless beach of Sykia. Access is very easy. On the main road that connects Sarti with Sykia there is a relevant sign to turn left on a road that leads directly to the beach.
sikia beach

#Picturesque ports in Sikia

If someone prefer more picturesque coves, before going to the main beach of Sykia one must choose the uphill road located on the right. Following a picturesque coastal route, it passes successively through three ports (Akti Linaraki, Pigadakia, Tourkolimnionas) where it can swim and eat in the picturesque taverns.


A very good choice for swimming is Klimataria beach. After Pigadakia beach and just before Tourkolimniona beach, there is a road on the right that leads after 2 km to the organized beach of Klimataria.
klimataria beach

# EXOTIC thgania

Leaving Klimataria you are given the opportunity to visit another isolated beach. Do not follow the road you took to come here. Go under the bridge, turn right on an uphill. From there, following a labyrinthine route (fortunately there are painted arrows on the road) you end up at the exotic beach Tigania. It has a beach bar and finding parking is relatively easy.